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 It was born in the Bronx in New York City. But hip-hop culture is celebrated by youngsters across India. In the first week of October, Chennai will play host to its first-ever hip-hop festival, drawing enthusiasts from across the country.


“Last year, we had held Battle of the Year (BOTY), which is considered the ‘world cup of b-boying’ or street-style break dancing, in Chennai,” says Phani Kumar of Catalyst Dance Company, who is organising the event. “Since we got a huge response, we thought of having a festival complete with workshops and competitions.”

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The scene in India is good. A lot of b-boys are from major cities in India and it’s spreading to other parts of the country.

There are a lot of jams that happen regularly. Workshops are being held by b-boys who come over to judge the jams. You can see lot of school kids taking up b-boying nowadays.

This year will be a better one than last year. We had auditions on August 12th at Chennai and August 19th at Mumbai. The Red Bull BC One All-stars had their guest appearance at the Chennai Audition and had a talk with all the b-boys who participated at the audition and gave them tips and answered their queries.

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