About Boty

In this section of the website you can find all the detail about the 20 years of history the event has. You can read how the BOTY was founded back in 1991, how it progressed and which background changes happened during the last years.

This section hopefully also gives you an impression of the philosophy behind the whole event, which is very important to us. We know that there are some persons out there who criticise the BOTY and label it as a big commercial event losing the roots to the hip hop culture.

While reading the philosophy section you might get an idea that of course we still support the culture, especially the B*Boy aspect of hip hop, trying to offer the dancers and the audience as much service as possible - more than on many other hip hop events. To the public, the BOTY might look commercial because it is getting so big and of course it is no longer the underground event we had in the early years.

Yes, we have our BOTY products we sell and yes, of course, we have some (authentic) sponsors who help us but this does not mean, that the organizers behind everything are rich and forgot about the meaning of hip hop culture. The development of BOTY, as it´s getting bigger and bigger year by year, demands certain structures and recources, which logically influence the expenses of the event.

Past Events

Battle Of The Year India 2011
Best Show: Freak n Stylez (Mumbai)
Final Battle:
1. Freak n stylez(Mumbai)
2. Black Ice Crew(Banglore)